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      Beauty Tips From Dogs

      Beauty Tips From Dogs

      Have your heard the saying, “A dog’s life’?  Originally it meant that life was darn hard.  Sleeping rough, guarding property and chasing rats.  Now days, many dogs live pretty sweet lives.  We notice so many cute dogs on our travels that we decided to ask a few to share their beauty tips.

      Tip #1  Drink Plenty of Water

      How much water a dog needs depends on size, activity level and of course the weather.  Humans are around 60% water and we lose water throughout the day.  It’s recommended you sip up to ½ a gallon a day.  Try infusing your water with fresh fruits and herbs to add a bit of beauty and hopefully you'll be drinking your daily requirement.  

      Beauty tips from dogs- drink plenty of water.



      Tip #2     Get Plenty of Sleep

      Dogs need about 12-14 hours of sleep and have the ability to sleep just about anywhere- the couch, the bed, the back seat of the car.  Humans need around 8 and we often struggle with getting enough sleep.  A bedtime routine can really help.  Our soothing “Bring on the ZZZZ’s balm can be part of your nightly routine.  Simply rub on temples and under your nose to help you take those important deep breaths.  Herbal tea and no TV are two other tips to help you get your ZZZZ’s.


      Tip #3   Don’t Forget to Floss

      Beauty tips from dogs- flossing is important.

      Dogs chew a lot and this chewing is good for their teeth.  Flossing helps our gums, gets rid of stuck bits of food and helps keep our breath nice and sweet.  


      Tip #4   Size Doesn’t Matter

      Beauty Tips from Dogs- size doesn't matter.

      Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and so do we.  Dogs don’t worry too much about their size but we sure do.  Embrace your size and find some clothes that feel good and make you look good.  For me, skinny jeans just make me feel awkward and I feel and therefore look better in boot cut jeans.  I stick with what makes me feel good.

      Tip #5  Treat Yourself to a Natural Facial 

      Beauty tips from dogs- try a facial

      Dogs love to dig and get dirty.  Sometimes we need to do the same and a facial is one way to go.  It’s an easy way to make your skin look fresh and lovely.  Remember you want natural ingredients not a bunch of chemicals.

      Tip #6  Spas are an Occasional Treat

      All our dogs hate baths but love, love, love a good soak.  You deserve an occasional soak yourself.  The benefits of a relaxing bath along with a glass of wine and a good book are many.  If you don’t have a tub or the time, treat yourself to our Shower Shots- made in jello shot molds they’re a “Happy Hour for Your Shower”.

      Tip #7 Dress Up Occasionally

      Beauty tips from a dog- dress up occasionally.

      There are a lot of fun accessories for dogs and occasionally dress up and heading out is the perfect antidote to having too much to do.    

      Tip #8  Moderation

      Beauty tips from dogs- moderation.

      Dogs love to play, play, play but then they have no problem getting their beauty rest.  It’s great to go out and have a good time but if you’ve overdone it try our Hangover Relief Smelling Salt.  Packed with essential oils that help combat headaches and nausea you’ll soon be out walking your dog.

      Living in "Heaven"- Also Known as Maine

      Living in "Heaven"- Also Known as Maine

      The beauty of earh, sea and sky in Maine.


      Yesterday at sunset, walking out the door of the Samoset, I overheard a little girl “from away” say to her dad, “Wow, I think I’m in heaven.”  The sun was just setting and it was gorgeous- so lovely social media posts were filled with shots of the red mingling to pink sky.  The family continued to talk about how you just don’t get views like this back home.

      They are right, there is a reason Maine is known as vacationland and I consider myself lucky to live here.  Here are my top six reasons why I love Maine.


      Maine is just so beautiful.  I drive to work and marvel at my views.  I have roads I love to take because of ocean, mountain, sky.  The colors in fall especially as the sun hits the tress and shimmers in lovely blue light makes me wish I was a poet.

      The Ocean

      I see the ocean everyday and make a point to appreciate the changing seasons and moods reflected in the water.  Our local dog park is water friendly and I love to end my afternoons breathing in the salt air and watching dogs swim and fetch sticks.  Going to the beach with your dog is fun, here's a list of dog friendly Maine beaches.

      Dog friendly Maine.


      We’re famous for lobsters here in Maine.  Coming home from Farm Markets there is always a traffic jam in Wiscasset- people are lined up for Red’s Eats famous lobster rolls.  Then there is the boiled lobster dipped in butter, lobster mac and cheese and even lobster sausage.  The Maine Lobster Festival happens every year in Rockland and this is an opportunity to celebrate all things lobsters.


      Blueberry season starts the end of July.  Maine blueberries are tiny and sweet- full of flavor.  They are harder to pick than the highbush varieties but worth the effort.  The berries are “wild” and grow by bee pollination.  Blueberry pancakes, blueberry pie and more recipes can be found at Wyman's Blueberries.


      Maine is number one in the country for seaweed harvesting and the cold mineral rich waters in Maine make our seaweeds valued worldwide.  Seaweeds are divided into three categories, green like sea lettuce, reds like nori and the browns like kelp.  Adding Maine seaweeds to your diet is a great way to get trace minerals and vitamins as well as a delicious umami flavor sensation.  Visit the Maine Seaweed Council for more details on amazing Maine seaweeds.


      Farmer’s Markets

      We are proud to be a Maine farm.  In Maine the slogan is “Get Real-Get Maine”.  Anytime you purchase from a farm be it vegetables, value added products like jams or skincare you are helping to grow the economy and protect our fragile environment.

      Support Farmers and Farmer's Markets.

      I’m happy here in Maine- what’s great about where you live?

      Lather Up With Shampoo Bars

      Lather Up With Shampoo Bars

      Shampoo bars- good for you and the environment.

      Shampoo bars are a fabulous way to wash your hair and eliminate plastic bathroom clutter at the same time.  It's not just bathroom clutter we need to think about- it's also all the plastic we use, that keeps coming back to clog up our beautiful Earth.

      Both Carly and I have super curly, easy to frizz hair. In the past, we were hair product junkies. A large bottle of conditioner might last a week. I shampooed everyday due to my tendency to look like a deranged cartoon character with severe bed head.

      I also suffered from itchy scalp. I’ve battled flakey head since high school. At one point, it got really bad. I hoped my hairdresser wouldn’t notice-fat chance. He thought it was very “unusual”. I dreaded my next appointment. He suggested seeing a doctor. I knew exactly what the doctor would prescribe- a highly medicated/toxic/unnatural shampoo. I was right. Now, I had weird scalp and horrible looking hair. By chance and desperation I picked up a shampoo with seaweed as an ingredient. Viola, my itchy scalp improved.

      This experience got us thinking, researching and finally experimenting. Shampoo bars are super luxurious soap concoctions. We blend together oils with properties to benefit hair and scalp. Castor oil is super conditioning and makes a rich lather. Coconut oil penetrates, protects and adds shine. Sweet Almond oil works as a sealant and locks in moisture.. Olive oil packs a power punch and is not just for salads. Olive oil moisturizes, conditions, helps fight dandruff and improves hair strength.

      Another very important ingredient in our shampoo bars is seaweed. Seaweeds are the powerhouses of our shampoo bars. Kelp in particular contains essential nutrients to help hair grow. Seaweeds are super gentle cleaners and naturally hydrate. Plus seaweeds help control flaky scalps and can help promote hair growth.

      Shampoo bars work differently than conventional shampoos and conditioners. Be aware that it might take a week or two for your hair to adjust. You need to detox from product build up. I was a bit reluctant to try our shampoo bars, even though Carly had been using them and frankly raving about the results. Her hair was looking gorgeous but mine is a bit curlier. I was afraid to give up all my conditioners. Instead of conditioning after shampooing I spritz with a 1/2 cider vinegar to 1/2 water mix. This mildly acidic solution helps balance the Ph as shampoo bars tend to be more alkaline and helps make the hair follicle shine and lay flatter.

      Seaweeds can help an itchy scalp.

      I’ve been using shampoo bars for a few years now. I am super happy with my hair. A long time ago, I made peace with my curls. I decided I would stop trying to have straight hair. Now, I don’t even use conditioners. Plus, I’ve saved tons of money and we've reduced our plastic consumption. Shampoo bars are the way to go.

      Aromatherapy for Everyday Stress Because “Guano Happens”

      Aromatherapy for Everyday Stress Because “Guano Happens”

      Try Aromatherapy for everyday stress

       Adjusting to the "fall back" time change is rough for me.  Around 4:15 I go into Henny Penny mode and think the sky is falling.  It just gets dark way to early.  Unfortunately stress is a fact of life and at times everyday stress can be difficult to manage.  How often do you hear someone moan, “I’m so stressed out?”.  “I don’t have enough time.”  “My house is a mess” and so on and so on.

      Finding some routines, a ritual can help us deal with everyday stress and helps to lay a foundation for when times get really rough.  One step to help fight the war on stress is to be sure you exercise.  Not only does exercise keep your body healthy but it is good for your brain.  Sleep is another important factor.  Recently two loved ones struggled with lack of sleep.  They lost weight, were anxious, had trouble focusing and got irritated quickly.  Finally, don’t forget to stay hydrated.  I notice when my routine changes the first thing to go is making sure I drink my water and herb teas.

      One part of stress management is breathing.  Being able to take deep breaths, what I call “Yoga Breaths” can help calm the “flight or fight” syndrome.  One way to encourage the habit of breathing is Aromatherapy.

      Aromatherapy is using the scents of plants, fresh, dried or in essential oils to help change your mood.  Certain plants and scents are associated with desirable qualities.  Lavender and Chamomile are relaxing.  Mints can energize.  Eucalyptus can be clearing and so on.

      I tell our customers that one important factor is to choose a scent that smells good to them.  Quite a few years ago, Carly had a severe case of stress.  She was living overseas, lonely, scared and certain smells from her science classroom made her nausea.  When she moved back home, some smells were still a trigger.   She fought back by finding smells that relaxed and calmed her.  She carried around vials of essential oils for years and would  use them liberally whenever she felt a panic attack coming.  At Dulse & Rugosa, the almost magical relief from scents is one of the reason we love to make and sell our unique products.

      Therapeutic and beautiful, Botanical Essence Oils will lift your spirits gently and naturally.  If you are looking for a natural way to help maintain a healthy mind and body discover our Botanical Essence Oils.  Simple, easy to use and beautiful our hand blended botanical essence oils are packed full of flower power! Our three carefully crafted blends will help you manage everyday stress and help you adjust to the time change.

      We often get asked, “How long will this last?”  The idea behind Aromatherapy is not to find something that last a long time.  Rather it is to develop a ritual, a habit to help you be your best self.  Find a scent you love and give yourself some sweet flower therapy.

      Happy breathing my friends!