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    Spend Your Money Wisely, Vote With Your Dollars, Invest in People

    Spend Your Money Wisely, Vote With Your Dollars, Invest in People

    There are two ways to vote.  First, in the election booth.  If you want positive environmental and political change then make sure you get out and vote.  The other way to vote is when you spend money think of each dollar as a vote for the world and values you want.  

    According to Green America "Where you spend and invest your money is a powerful way of voting each day to support local communities, fair wages, and a healthy planet."  

    tips to shop small

    The first priority is the question- "Do I actually need this?"   You can save money, buy better products and support businesses that value workers, the environment and our planet while sending the message to the world economy that we don't want a bunch of plastic crap.

                                       Do I Need It?  How To Buy It Guide

    • Refuse
    • Reduce
    • Upcycle
    • Borrow
    • Share
    • Repair
    • Swap
    • Sew or make
    • Grow
    • Buy second hand
    • Buy small, local and indie

    You can shop small locally and on line- either way is good.  Locally keeps your community vibrant and supports your neighbors and friends.  Online gives you access to a wide variety of products that might not be available in your hometown. 

    Zero waste tips for beginners

    Do both- pick local products where it makes sense and shop online for ingredients and goods not easily available.  Either way- you'll feel good by doing good.  Don't forget even if you're not able to make a purchase support small businesses you love by posting, sharing and commenting on social media.  Every small step has a big impact.