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      News — Seaweed shampoo for dogs

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      Dogs Go Green

      Dogs Go Green

      Every month or so, once I've mastered my current zero waste/plastic free goal I start on a new one.  Usually it's a goal that's been on my mind for awhile but takes a bit to actually get into action.  Compostable dog poop bags have been on my list for awhile.  Tuffy, my girl poops at least twice a day and since we visit our local dog park almost daily that's a lot of plastic poop bags.

      Compostable Dog Poo Bag Review



      I first decided to try and buy compostable dog bags locally and visited our local pet store.  I asked the clerk for compostable bags and she looked at me blankly.  She did walk me over to the dog waste section and recommended a product that had "eco-friendly" on the label.  Well, the container the bags came in was packed in cardboard made from recycled paper but the bags were your ordinary plastic bags.  The product was more expensive than others because it was geared to a dog owner who was environmentally conscious and who most likely had forgotten their reading glasses.  You have to read the labels when shopping for eco-friendly products.  There is a tern called "green washing", it's labeling cleverly designed to make products look as environmentally responsible as possible.  If I hadn't carefully read the label I would have assumed that the bags- the item I wanted to purchase were eco-friendly.

      Compostable Dog Waste Bag Review


      My next stop was the internet. There are quite a few choices on the market I wanted a smaller company, a plant based bag and one that could be composted at home.  bioDOGradable Dog Poop Bags fit the bill.  As I learned more I realized how complicated biodegradable bags are (not a big surprise).  On their FAQ page the question "Are these bags degradable/biodegradable?" was answered yes and no.  The bags are made from a material called "bioplastic" which is plant based- corn not fossil fuel based-plastic and when it breaks down it produces non-toxic byproducts such as humus.  The FTC has guidelines as well as California which has laws about the claims and marketing of what exactly is biodegradable.  The take away from this is consumers should be wary of products that claim to be 100% biodegradable.


      There are two ways to dispose of your poop bags.  The best is home composting.  I'm lucky to have a large backyard so I'm adding my poop bags to my large pile of slow composting.  I'm not filling my food/garden waste compost bin with bags of poop.  The next choice to to find a facility with a biosolid composter, compost made from sewage sludge.  I would guess biosolids composter are few and far between.  Finally, simply putting you poo bags in the dog waste receptacles is an option- because at least the corn based bags will decompose.

      Compostable dog poo bags review


      So, with all the complications is it still worth using compostable poo bags?  In my opinion, yes.  Even when added to traditional landfills the bags will compost at the same rate as food waste, paper or lawn clippings.  It's not perfect but it is better than traditional plastic bags because in the end they will turn back into a natural material unlike plastic which simply hangs around forever.  Another benefit is the manufacturing process and lack of chemicals.  These particular bags are manufactured in India and I don't have any info about the actual factory.  Finally they are free from chemical dyes and additives.  

      The bags are more expensive.  One consumer change I've made is to buy better and buy less.  I'm definitely spending more on poo bags but the feeling of satisfaction I get from not adding plastic pollution to our planet is worth it.


      My only complaint was the mailer my package arrived in.  I would have preferred a mailer without any plastic.  There was some extra packaging inside the package, everything was in one of their dog bags, it was wrapped in brown paper and I got a info card (which I turned into a sign) as well as a few free samples.

      Dulse & Rugosa has a bundle package right now, with every purchase of our Dog Shampoo Bar will include a sample biodogradable dog poo bag.

      And for the foreseeable future purchase of our Mama Earth Shower Shots will go directly to support Houston and possibly FLA SPCA.  

      The Benefits of Seaweed for Your Dog

      The Benefits of Seaweed for Your Dog

      Seaweed is great for humans but also our four legged friends.  There are two ways for seaweed to benefit your dog.  One is food- the inside.  The other- skin, the outside.  In or out seaweed is very beneficial for your dog.

       Have you thought about adding seaweed to your dog’s diet? Seaweed is a great “green food” for your dog.  Green foods are sea vegetables and some grasses.  Sea veggies are a great green food for “Fido” because they are so easy to digest.  Rich in amino acids and minerals which helps balance energy levels, strengthens the immune system and helps keep skin and coat healthy.

      Scientific studies about the benefits of seaweeds are still in the early stages but seaweeds may help reduce cancer and tumors.  Their properties help fight heavy metal accumulations and contain high levels of tryptophan which helps battle cancer cells.

      There are many ways to get seaweed into your dog’s diet.  An easy way is to buy edible seaweed at a health food store.  Look for seaweed that is in flakes or powder.  It’s not a good idea for your dog to consume large pieces of seaweed. 

      Benefits of seaweed for your dog.

                                            Graphic is from All Natural Pet Care

      One of my favorite Maine Seaweed companies- Vitamin Sea makes a great pet antioxidant blend.  It’s a careful blend that  “mixes the natural nutrient benefits of seaweed with the antioxidant power of Maine blueberries and cranberries. The antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, which are unstable molecules linked to the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other related conditions. Pets with chronic infections will also benefit from the natural antioxidant power. Seaweed provides many crucial nutrients every animal needs to live a long happy life."

      What we put on our outside is as important as what we put on our inside and seaweed can be very beneficial to a dog with hot spots or red itchy patches.  Dulse & Rugosa’s Seaweed Shampoo for dogs is great for all dogs but can work wonders for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin.

      Our soap starts with a base of Maine seaweed, hand harvested from the cool mineral rich waters near Acadia National Park.  We have also incorporated Neem Oil for its amazing insect fighting properties.  Neem oil can help fight fleas, ticks, parasites and mites naturally.  Our natural yet effective dog shampoo can help you replace harsh chemicals that leave skin itchy and raw.  Lightly scented with pet friendly essential oils which will leave your pooch looking and smelling great!

      And our bar is plastic free.  We know how much you love to walk and run in nature with your dog and using a plastic free shampoo helps make the world a better place for all of Earth's creatures.

      Seaweed can help sooth and calm your dog's irritated skin.

      Seaweed is good for you and your four legged friends.

      Visit All Natural Pet Care and check out their array of natural and safe products.

      Find out more about Vitamin Sea’s amazing Pet Supplements here

      Mud Season in Maine- Time for our Seaweed Rich Dog Shampoo

      Mud Season in Maine- Time for our Seaweed Rich Dog Shampoo

      Early spring is so lovely in Maine.  At night you can hear the peepers.  During the day, long muddy walks with your favorite pooch.

      Our dog shampoo is designed to be pet and owner friendly.

      Honestly, both our rescue dogs don't care for baths.  Tuffy, I can understand, she's not sure about water. But Saff?  That dog loves water.   She's famous for her "duck dive". That's when Saff sticks her entire head under the water.  Since Saff does the "duck dive" at the beach in sea water she should love our shampoo which is rich in Maine seaweed.  Our nourishing seaweed dog shampoo is great for itchy, irritated, dry patches.  

      Our dog shampoo is designed to be pet and owner friendly.

      We designed our dog shampoo bar so that you can easily wash your dog with one hand and with just one bar!!!  Use the Dog Shampoo Bar just as you would a bar of soap.  Run the bar once down your dog's back and then rub.  Dulse & Rugosa’s Dog Shampoo Bar makes lots of moisturizing lather that is packed full of nourishing oils to leave your dog's fur feeling and looking great.  We have also incorporated Neem Oil into our bar for its amazing insect fighting properties which will leave your pooch looking and smelling great!


       Our Dog Shampoo is lightly scented with pet friendly essential oils. 


      Rose hip and Oarweed Tea, Saponified Oils of Coconut, Rosehip infused Olive, Calendula infused Sweet Almond, Rosehip infused Castor, Neem, and Rosehip Oil, Essential Oils of Cypress, Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavender,and Tea Tree.