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      News — Benefits of Maine seaweeds

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      Seaweed and Stress

      Seaweed and Stress
      The transition into fall is often bittersweet. Seaweed can help ease body, heart and mind with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Your skin type and age do not matter, seaweed is healing, calming and restoring to all. There are a few easy ways to incorporate seaweed into your life. Our Seaweed n' Roses...

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      WOOF for Seaweed

      WOOF for Seaweed

      Seaweeds many nutritional benefits include being rich in iron, magnesium, iodine, and the omega-3 fatty acids.  Plus there's that great "umami" flavor.  Umami is Japanese for "pleasant savory taste".  These are the reasons we humans love to add seaweed to our diet- but what about our dogs? 

      Turns out seaweed is a great addition to our dog's diet.  Those same powerful nutrients that benefit humans help improve our dog's coat and skin.  Nori, the unseasoned sushi wraps can make great training treats for your dog.  That umami taste sensation is similar to a rich, meaty bone.

      If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, washed ashore seaweed is NOT a safe dog treat.  In general, my Puerto Rican street dog Tuffy eats a lot of gross things on the beach- but she's never shown an interest in beach seaweed.  The dangers are possible pollutants, salt poisoning and expansion as the dried seaweed expands in the tummy.  

      If you're looking for a good seaweed rich supplement for your dog check out the Maine company Source.  Susan Domizi developed a nutritional product to help her horse's health.  One of the problems of modern society is our soils may be depleted and not have all the essential micronutrients that our dogs need.  Source for dogs contains "selected seaweeds plus the added benefits of yeast cultures, brewers yeast, garlic powder, vitamin E, zinc and natural beef flavor."

      Source also makes a human supplement which I use but that's another blog!

      Find out more on the Source website-

      Find out more about seaweeds in general by visiting the Maine Seaweed Council website-


      Happiness is a Long Hot Seaweed Bath

      Happiness is a Long Hot Seaweed Bath

      On my bucket list is a trip to Ireland.   Sadly Ireland is not on my calendar.  The next best thing is to treat myself to a seaweed spa day right at home.  It takes a bit of time, planning and bathroom cleaning- but I'm worth it and so are you!  Give yourself the gift of you.


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      Seaweed Shampoo Bars- Great Hair, Clean Oceans

      Seaweed Shampoo Bars- Great Hair, Clean Oceans

      "What would happen if 10,000 people decided to reduce their trash impact for one month? We could reduce the trash on Earth by over 1 million pounds." 

      If you are looking for a way to reduce your plastic consumption our Maine seaweed rich shampoo bars are the way to go. Our shampoo bars are a natural way to clean and condition your hair.  

      Great hair, clean oceans, no plastic

      Both Carly and I have super curly, easy to frizz hair. In the past, we were hair product junkies. A large bottle of conditioner might last a week. I shampooed everyday due to my tendency to look like a deranged cartoon character with severe bed head.

      I also suffered from itchy scalp. I’ve battled flakey head since high school. At one point, it got really bad. I hoped my hairdresser wouldn’t notice- fat chance. He thought it was “unusual”. I dreaded my next appointment. He suggested seeing a doctor. I knew exactly what the doctor would prescribe- a highly medicated/toxic/unnatural shampoo. I was right. The chemical laden shampoo didn't help my scalp and gave me super horrible looking hair. By chance and desperation I began experimenting with different natural ingredients. Adding seaweed to my hair care routine brought me natural and lasting relief.

      The most important ingredient in our shampoo bars is seaweed. Seaweeds are the powerhouses of our shampoo bars. Kelp in particular contains essential nutrients to help hair grow. Seaweeds are super gentle cleaners and naturally hydrate. Plus seaweeds help control flaky scalps and can help promote hair growth.

      Dulse & Rugosa's Maine Seaweed Shampoo Bars

      We make three shampoo bars blends.  All are seaweed rich, the difference is the blends of oils.  

      Lovely Rita Super Conditioning:  Some hair needs more moisture and we should know since we both have SUPER curly hair. Our Lovely Rita Bar contains coconut and castor oil which help creating  superior thick lather but also condition those pesky locks. Olive oil and rose hip oil leave your hair shiny and soft.

      Sweet Melissa Gentle and Mild: If your hair is straight and needs less moisture our Sweet Melissa bar is for you.  Your hair needs protein and a blend of oils that moisturize without being too heavy.  Our shampoo bars harness the power of sugar kelp to pump up the protein which is what your hair craves.  

      Men's Shampoo Bar:  Our Seaweed Shampoo Bar specially packaged just for men.  The power of seaweed can help tame an itchy scalp or full beard and designed to be used anywhere including rivers and streams. 

      Thanks to the ocean conservancy for the opening quote.  Check them out.

      Summer Skin Care Tips- Exfoliate, Drink Red Wine and Eat Dark Chocolate

      Summer Skin Care Tips- Exfoliate, Drink Red Wine and Eat Dark Chocolate

      The "dog days" are here- it's been hot in Maine for 2 weeks so I imagine it must be steaming in other parts of the country.  Our skin needs a bit of extra love with heat, humidity and sun exposure.

      The Benefits of Scrubs

      We all know how important sunscreen is but how do you get it off your skin?  After I shower my arms are still covered with a greasy white film.  Scrubs are perfect for removing sunscreen film.  They gently exfoliate and remove old skin as well as sunscreen and leave your skin looking polished and fresh.  At Dulse & Rugosa we add just a bit of nourishing oils so at this time of year it's often not necessary to moisturize after your shower.  

      Scrubs smooth, polish and get rid of sunscreen film.

      Scrubs can be made with sugar or salt, both make excellent exfoliants, it depends on your skin type and what you want from your scrub experience.  Sugar is gentler because it has "round" granules.  If your skin is sensitive sugar is for you.  Salt, can be a bit tougher and really helps get rid of dry skin buildup.  Another benefit of salt is it helps removes toxins from your body.

      All our scrubs contain a blend of oils, hand harvested botanicals and wildcrafted Maine seaweeds.  The addition of Maine seaweeds means you are detoxing and restocking all your trace vitamins and minerals every time you exfoliate.  Regular use will leave your skin looking smooth and polished and function better because scrubs help increase circulation.

      Scrubs are designed for shower use.  Try not to take super hot showers because the heat can dry out your skin.  

      Heading to the Beach?

      Before you head to the beach make sure you pack a wide brimmed hat.  I don't like hat head but keeping the sun ray's off your face is important.  And pack a salad.  Salads are a treat this time of year with all the fresh tasty produce but there is some scientific evidence that taking Vitamin C and E orally can help prevent sunburn.  The WebMD sight list this combo as "possibly effective".  Who really knows- but a salad rich in citrus, tomatoes and some nuts is sure to be tasty.  For some more food ideas to help ward off sunburn check out this article "12 Superfoods That Can Help Prevent Skin Damage".   If you do get a sunburn, try our Seaweed Packs for Sunburn and Stress.   We recommend wetting the seaweed and placing it directly on your sunburn, cooling, refreshing and oh so healing. 

       Wine and Chocolate for Great Skin!

      After the beach, sip some wine.  

      Red wine can help your skin look lovely- but remember moderation is the key.

      White can be especially refreshing but reds are more healing.  Reds contain "resveratol"a natural phenol.  This is important because resveratol is an antioxidant and helps capture free radicals.  Free radicals are bad because they go after stable molecules and cause havoc.  Which means red wine is a health drink!   If you want some summer red recommendations check out this article What Kind of Red Wines Should I Drink This Summer?  A chilled Beaujolais sounds yummy!  To be really healthy add some dark chocolate, rich in "flavanoids".  Falvanoids are plant based compounds rich in antioxidants.  Of course, moderation, moderation, moderation especially with wine and chocolate or you'll be needing our Hangover Smelling Salts the next day.

      Have fun in the sun!