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      Beginning Mending- Tools to Get Started

      Beginning Mending- Tools to Get Started

      We hope you’ll join us with our Mend Along.  There are so many reasons to get into mending but the best part is turning clothes that fit and flatter into pieces you will treasure and love.

      I often put off a project or activity I know I’d enjoy because I lack the tools.  We've put together a list of tools for beginning menders that's designed to help you over this hurdle.

      The first and most important tool you need is a positive can-do attitude.  When you are a beginner in anything it can be very intimating to see examples of projects completed by experts.  Social media has amplified this.  You are mending clothes that you love and clothes that fit and flatter.  You are adding a bit of your personality to a garment.  You are adding a layer of story and memory.  Embrace any imperfections.  Don't worry about crooked cutting or uneven stitches- it's all part of the beauty.

      Our first mends are going to be denim.  We all have a pair of jeans that could use a patch and hopefully a pair of jeans that can be turned into patches.  If you don’t have jeans for patch making- look around for a piece of sturdy cotton.  Gather the jeans together along with a sharp hand sewing needle, some embroidery thread, scissors, a ruler or tape measure.  Another tool I would add to the beginning mending kit is a sweater comb.  This is such an easy and fun way to refresh sweaters.  I keep my tools in a sweet bag so whenever I want to mend I only have to find the bag not all the tools.


      Of course, once you get started with mending you’re going to love it and there are tools for every job.  But- you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started, in face, one principal behind mending is to make do and be creative. 

      Beginning to Mend Tool List-

      • fabric for a patch
      • sharp hand sewing needle
      • a few pins
      • scissors
      • embroidery thread
      • marker or pencil 


      Tips for Beating Back the Time Change Blues

      Tips for Beating Back the Time Change Blues
      The "Fall Back" time change is coming.  It's a seasonal change that I always find challenging and this year with all the upheaval I'm dreading the early onset of darkness. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real for a lot of folks and we hope our tips can help. 

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      Seaweed Sugar Cookies and Holiday Baking

      Seaweed Sugar Cookies and Holiday Baking
      Here's one of our favorite cookie recipe- just in time for holiday baking.  What do you love to make to celebrate the season?  Leave a comment below and we will pick a random winner after Christmas.  Our gift will be a collection of our favorite eco kitchen goods plus a seaweed spice.  You have a great chance of winner as we don't get a lot of comments and you'll be helping us build community and grow our business.  Happy Baking!

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      Sustainable Love- Planet Friendly Valentines

      Sustainable Love- Planet Friendly Valentines
      Tips for celebrating Valentine's Day sustainability and giving the gift of love to yourself as well as friends and family.

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      Ideas for #OptOutside & Buy Nothing Day

      Ideas for #OptOutside & Buy Nothing Day

      Many years ago, when my family was the only year round family on remote Gotts Island I actually did "Black Friday."  Black Friday is literally going to a mall after Thanksgiving and buying stuff.  I believe it came about because I listened to a talk radio station out of Boston.  This is long before talk radio was so political, of course the station talked national and local politics but also covered many human interest stories, food, psychology.  For me, it was background conversation while I worked alone in my log cabin.  I'm sure I was influenced by all the ads for Black Friday- it seemed the thing to do.


      So we headed ashore- no easy task- involving boats and our car.  I have no idea what we bought.  Probably broccoli and other fresh vegetables.  It was crowded, we ate at a fast food joint and by the time we got home we were all cross and grumpy.  That's my one and only Black Friday adventure.

      This year, celebrate sustainably and slow down.  There is no need to pile the family in the car, deal with hordes of people to buy cheap stuff made in China.  There are so many other things to do.  

      #OptOutside was started by the outdoor gear company REI a few years ago.  They are closed for business the Friday after Thanksgiving.  REI's mission is to connect people with each other and nature instead of spending time shopping for bargains.  

      Another alternative to Black Friday is Buy Nothing Day.  This began in Canada to highlight overconsumption.  Instead of shopping the idea is to slow down and participate in a community event, get outside or even spend a bit of time doing what you love.  It's a perfect day for some self care. 

      Both #OptOutside and Buy Nothing Day are movements and philosophies.  We're a small business which depends on sales to survive.  We understand how complex the world and economies are.  We also knowing making choices about your purchases is a way to vote for the kind of economies and world you want. 

      9 Ideas for #OptOutside & Buy Nothing Day

      1.   Take a walk no matter what the weather is.  Bundle up, put on rain boots or rub in the sunscreen- just get outside.

      2.   While outside pick up trash.  There's nothing like picking up lots od single use plastic to help you make better buying choices.

      3.   Clean out a closet, cupboard or room and donate useable items to your local charity shop.

      4.   Write letters, postcards or call family and friends far away.

      5.   Make holiday cookies or gifts.

      6.   Read a book, play cards or do a puzzle.

      7.   Get some ART and visit a museum or gallery.

      8.   Dedicate some time to self care, give your self a facial, a hot soak in the tub or simply a bit of time doing whatever you love most.  

      9.   No matter how you spend the day- do an activity that nourishes you and helps your community and environment.