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      News — Face care routines

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      No No November

      No No November
      During No No November do what nourishes you. For each person that will be different. For me- it's yoga and walking my dog.  I also need to "slow down my yes".  I say "yes" to things that should make me feel good but end up making me feel stressed because there are only so many hours in a day. 

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      Body Oils for Summer Skin

      Body Oils for Summer Skin

      We are skincare chefs at Dulse & Rugosa.  We enjoy food- eating and cooking so making handcrafted skincare is a natural transition.  For nourishing and hydrating your skin we make both butters and oils.  What's the difference?

      Butters are whipped and similar to a lovely butter creme frosting on top of a luscious  cake.

      Body oils are blended and compare to a well crafted salad dressing.  Especially if your summers are hot and muggy or while traveling botanical oils are perfect. Why?  They don't melt.  You can leave them in the car, pop them in a suitcase and keep you summer skin hydrated, moisturized while looking and feeling great.

      Body oils are super easy to use.  As with most natural skincare products they work best on slightly damp skin.  Apply after your shower or bath and give about 5 minutes for the oil to be absorbed.  Our Hydrating Body Oil is a careful blend of oils designed to be quickly absorbed into your skin with the added benefits of botanicals indigenous to the coast of Maine.

      Our newest product our Face Serum is a fresh bouquet of flowers for your face. Designed for faces that need extra love by way of moisture it's very beneficial when used before bed.  If water is one of the first ingredients listed on your current face creme you'll be pleasantly surprised by how little of our Face Serum you need to feel wonderful.  

      Adding botanical oils to your skincare routine won't just benefit your skin but also your overall well being.  Our Hydrating Body Oil is a walk in Acadia National Park, with hand picked botanicals added to each bottle.   Rose petals, chamomile and Irish Moss are simply lovely.  Take a few extra moments to gently massage oils into your skin and enjoy a few moments of aromatherapy bliss.  Sometimes in our busy, stressful lives we forget how beneficial it can be to our overall mental well being to do a small but significant act for ourselves.  Make body oils a part of your summer skin care routine and enjoy some happy.


      Botanical Oils for Older Skin

      Botanical Oils for Older Skin

      Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who that person was?  I know the process of aging takes time but somewhere in our 30’s to 40’s our skin- especially our face starts to change.  Our ability to produce natural oil decreases and our face after cleaning can often feel crackly and dry.  

      Botanical oils are perfect for mature skin.

      My nightly ritual involves giving myself a gentle and cleansing facial with our Sweet Island Oil.  There are many benefits of using oil over a mainstream face cleaner.  The first thing I notice is how my face doesn’t have that dry, crackly feeling after washing.  In fact, I don’t exactly wash my face, rather I steam clean.  

      Here’s my technique for a clean, fresh ready for bed face.

      For a nightly spa treatment (and stress reliever) pour a small amount of oil (about dime sized) onto your palms.  Warm the oil by gently rubbing your hands together.  Massage the oil into your face using upward strokes.  Rinse a washcloth under hot water (as hot as you can stand), ringing out excess water.  Gently lay the cloth over your face.  Close your eyes, breath deeply, think of something wonderful and beautiful as the cloth cools down to room temperature.  For a truly relaxing experience, warm the washcloth again and place over your face.  Sweet dreams!

      At Dulse & Rugosa, we begin the process of creating our powerful yet pampering oil by infusing virgin olive oil with hand harvested Maine rose hips.  Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant and our rose hips begin to ripen in Autumn.  We love rose hips because they nourish and protect our skin and work to tone and soften our face.  We love olive oil because it is rich in antioxidants and doesn't clog up pores.  

       We also use rose hip oil, which is made from the hips.  This is one of the best oils for our skin, especially as we get older.  It’s high in essential fatty acids.  These essential nutrients help rejuvenate, regenerate and reduce inflammation.  Basically helping to keep our skin hydrated and supple.

      Finally, we blend in a small  amount of Castor Oil.  This is an essential oil for cleansing the skin.  With Castor, a little goes a long way.  It’s a thick, rich oil that blends beautifully to create a powerful, hydrating botanically rich oil.  

      It’s best to give yourself an oil cleansing facial before bed.  There is no need to deep clean in the morning- you want to get rid of the day’s stress and debris as well as begin to relax.  If your skin is feeling especially dry as you start your day, massage a few drops on your face and wait a few minutes before applying sunscreen or makeup.  

      There are so many uses for botanical rich oils- what’s your favorite?