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    Seaweed and Rose Scrub- How To Use for Great skin

    Seaweed and Rose Scrub- How To Use for Great skin

    Our Island Facial Scrub made with Maine seaweed and roses is good for every skin type.  It's a gentle way to exfoliate and remove dead skin and will leave your face or entire body feeling and looking smooth and silky.

    Carly from high school to early thirties struggled with breakout and angry pimples.  We tried everything, dermatologist, medication, diet, you name it we tried it.  Nothing really worked and the breakouts along with the constant search for a cure were exhausting and stressful.  As we were experimenting with seaweed and the benefits of this amazing plant we discovered it was an ingredient that kept Carly's face happy.    One of the reasons we started Dulse & Rugosa was how amazing seaweed is for skin, especially problem skin.

    Our seaweed rich scrub is super easy to use.  In general, seaweed works best wet.  Wet your face and place just a dab of seaweed scrub on the palm of your hand.  With seaweed a little goes a long way.  Add just a bit of water to your scrub and it will expand a bit.  Rub your palms together and then in a soft upward motion scrub your face.  Rinse well.  Depending on your skin type, age and the season you might or might not need moisturizer.  

    How often you need to exfoliate depends on a variety of factors. If you have younger skin, oily skin or skin prone to breakouts we recommend exfoliating every few days.   Older more mature skin we suggest once a week.  Other factors can influence how often you should exfoliate.  Travel, being sick, being out on the water, wearing extra sunscreen, after a vacation are all times when exfoliating feels real good.  Stressful periods are also a time to do a deep scrub.  We designed our Seaweed and Rose Scrub for the face but an occasional full body scrub is a great way to naturally detox.   Seaweed not only detoxes but can help restock trace minerals and vitamins we loose when we go thru a stressful period.  

    While skin benefits from a gentle scrub- there can be too much of a good thing.  It's not recommended to exfoliate every day.  Over exfoliation will leave your skin red, angry, irritated and may cause breakouts.  Pay attention to your skin, it will tell you if you're over exfoliating.

    Go for it- treat yourself to pure ocean goodness.




    My Galentine/Palentine/Valentine Shopping Spree

    My Galentine/Palentine/Valentine Shopping Spree

    I've been a grinch about holidays in general and Valentine's Day in particular.  I signed the first of my divorce papers on Valentine's Day.  Remembering that cold, winter morning still gives my heart a crack but  lately I've been thinking about heart opening exercises beyond yoga poses.  Traveling and walking the beach has given me lots of time to think.  I remember a small town in Oklahoma that had the coolest building- all deserted except for a pizza joint.  It was sad.  One way to be sure this doesn't happen is to shop small and local.  To vote with your dollars.  I decided to go on a shopping spree for a few Valentine/Galentine/Palentine gifts in downtown Apalachicola, Florida.

    Tips to shop small and local

    I've been on a solo travel, escape the snow road trip.  My temporary home is an Airstream trailer- an Air B n B in a local's backyard.   It's a teeny trailer community where I feel  completely safe.   Populated by women and dogs.  The owner and her big dog Zeek as well as two fellow travelers and their not so big dog, Apunne.  I decided a few small treats from downtown Apalachicola would be a sweet treat.  I also had the goal of shopping as plastic free as possible. 

    I set a budget for myself, which was between $20 and $30, which is an important holiday consideration.  Its counter productive to work on opening your heart without paying attention to your budget.  It's not going to feel good if you over spend.  My list was a small treat for each women, a treat for 3 dogs, some cards to mail and a good cup of coffee.   I went with cash because small businesses love cash and it also helps me keep to my budget.  Spending twenty or thirty dollars in a downtown isn't going to keep any business in afloat but ten people spending that amount will.  Where you spend your money matters.  It's a simple way to spread some love.

    tips for shopping small and local

    I started with a cup of coffee- so YUM!  One thing I've been missing is my morning coffee routine and my delicious cuppa.  I'm not a fan of coffee machine coffee or store brand beans.  I had my reusable cup, the service was great and I ended up treating myself to a sandwich. 

    I wandered into quite a few different stores with an open mind.  I knew there was a dog shop which made biscuits so that was my first stop.  Oysterbones is part of the Dixie Theatre Company as its one way the theatre raises money.  Talk about keeping it in the community and how your dollars go to support a town- this is about as real as it gets.  I bought 3 biscuits packed in a paper bag.  

    tips for shopping small and local

    I decided chocolates were the best gift for the three gals since I really now very little about them.  Just that they are nice and love dogs.  The coffee store is also a chocolate shop.  I went for dark chocolate with tupelo honey, a speciality honey in the area.  I asked for a little packaging as possible but also each chocolate was for a separate person.  the chocolate maker packed each one in a small cardboard box.  Not zero waste but plastic free.

    Tips for shopping small and local.

    Cards were the hardest thing to buy plastic free.  I went into quite a few stores, many with lovely selections of card pre packaged in plastic.  I get why this happens, part of the appeal of plastic is how it keeps items "clean and fresh" before purchase.  I still love to buy and mail cards.  It's a treat to get something besides junk mail and I wanted to send some love to special pals.  I finally found not local cards but a company that package plastic free and they were very reasonably priced.  I would have preferred to purchase local cards from area artists but the cards from Positively Green were cute, plastic free and reasonably priced- all factors important to consider. 

    Tips for shopping small and local


    Voting with your money sends a message about the world and economies you want.  You still have to make decisions to fit your values, budget and beliefs but it's such an important step in supporting small, local and sustainable businesses that supoort communities and our environment.



    Trusting My Instincts, Yoga, Solo Traveling and Life in an Airstream

    Trusting My Instincts, Yoga, Solo Traveling and Life in an Airstream

    When I find myself in times of trouble and general anxiety I turn to yoga.   Last winter, was a rough one.  Ice instead of snow, a couple of falls that make me scared to walk outside and cranky.  To help power through I added some extra yoga classes.  Yoga outside my comfort zone.  The teacher, the studio and all the young (and fit) participants intimidated me.  My first thought was "I'm sooo old" followed by "and fat!" 

    Tips for trusting your instincts.

    It was a great class- restorative yoga with some sharing and guided meditation.  The first, lying in the dark winter night we were guided on a trip up and down a mountain, into a garden and across the way was your future self, sitting on a bench.

    "What message does your future self have for you"

    Well, my future self was a little old lady and she was a bit grumpy.  "Why are you here?" she asked.

    Tips for following your intuition.

    That's when I started thinking and planning a solo trip to some place warm.  My gut had been telling me for awhile that the long northern winters were taking a toll on my spirit and energy.  But I was afraid to make a change.  My future self gave me the courage to make a plan.  

    Today while it is snow and icy rain in Maine I walked the beach barefoot with my dog.  I have goals and plans for filling my days plus time to read and rest.  It's helping me feel more positive and energized about life.  It's making me proud.

    I did some research about simple steps to help us trust our instincts.  It's hard to trust our gut because it's so intangible.  Really difficult for people who like to have control and be in charge.  I can think back to times when I didn't trust my gut- my divorce for one.  Looking back, I realize my gut was trying to help me, to save me or at least give me more options but I refused to listen.  I could not give up control.  In the end, I believe this made my journey to recovery so much harder and painful. 

    The Chopra Center has five tips for learning to trust your gut-  

    1. Welcome your intuition
    2. Cultivate intuition with silence 
    3. Record your intuition
    4. Share your intuition
    5. Take action based on your intuition
    Trusting yourself is a practice and practice takes practice.

    Zero Waste Tip- Celebrate Valentine's Day Sustainability With Kids

    Zero Waste Tip- Celebrate Valentine's Day Sustainability With Kids

    How do you celebrate sustainability with kids?  When my daughter was little holidays tended to be a bit trashy.  Candy and cards for sure.  Little plastic gewgaws.  Things that held a brief interest but quickly became trash. 

    The past few years I've been a bit anti-holiday.  I'm beginning to realize one can try for balance.  Holidays break life up, provide an excuse for a treat or indulgence, allow us to spend time with family or friends.  If you want to celebrate any holiday more sustainably you need to give yourself plenty of time, firm boundaries and a dose of forgiveness if things don't go your way.   If you've been doing elaborate Valentine celebrations, start by scaling back not going cold turkey.       

    If I had little ones now I would invest in quality holiday recipes, decorations and books as well as a storage box.  A week or two before any holiday pulling out the box would be exciting and create the best memories.  It's the love you feel for your Christmas stocking.  The box which doesn't have to be big can hold books, decorations, special items related to the holiday. which you can enjoy and savor once a year.  For me, this is a way to build traditions, memories and an easy way to zero waste any holiday.

    Food and holidays go together.  Focusing on treats is an easy way to cut down on waste.  Stay out of the seasonal aisle in the grocery store.  A lot of food packaging for the holidays can be avoided.  One of my favorite sites for Valentine food inspiration is Forkly.  All the recipes sound delicious, healthy and not too difficult.  Start the morning off with pancakes, you have a choice of chocolate paleo, banana oatmeal or red beet pancakes.  Snack on some Clementines dipped in dark chocolate and end the day with a heart shaped pizza.  

    Sustainable Valentine Tips

    The idea I loved the most was turning oranges into conversation hearts.  Write a cute "love ya" message or just draw a smiley face.  On Pinterest I saw the same idea but on bananas.  Any fruit that you peel works.  This is a fun, very low waste family activity.  It's a great, edible, healthy, low waste Valentine for classmates. 

    Many holiday decorations are trashy and not made to last beyond the holiday.  That's one reason I love buntings and banners.  They are cheerful, festive, you can hang them anywhere and easy to store.

    tTps for a sustainable valentine

    You can buy bunting from a maker and that's a great way to spread the love and vote with your money.  Or you can DIY your bunting.  If you sew bunting is a easy project.  Go ahead and be flexible and creative with your material.  Felt, burlap, old clothes, scraps......  With young kids paper is the best choice.  Old art can be repurposed into bunting.  Pages from magazines, papers from schools and old torn book.  Reuse paper before you recycle.  Here a two websites to get your creative juices flowing- Yes We Made This has 10 Creative DIY Paper Garland Ideas and and Picklebum has a post on Kid Made Bunting which is super easy. 

    Zero waste Valentine tips.

    Favorite books also make every holiday special.  Older kids enjoy the occasional reread of their favorite story from years past.  Books make great gifts, books last longer than chocolate or candy and used books keep the love going . If you're lucky enough to have a book store in your town, they are sure to have some recommendations and great picks.  The Today Show  has a list of  recently published books that cover  the many aspects of love.  

    Time can be the hardest thing to manage.  Start small.  This year decide on one sustainable change.  No trashy foods.  Set aside some time to prepare and cook.  DIY some decorations on a cold, winter day when everyone has cabin fever.  Go book shopping as a family and pick out the one great book to celebrate the day.  Don't expect perfection and love the progress you made.