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      News — Healthy Dogs

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      WOOF for Seaweed

      WOOF for Seaweed

      Seaweeds many nutritional benefits include being rich in iron, magnesium, iodine, and the omega-3 fatty acids.  Plus there's that great "umami" flavor.  Umami is Japanese for "pleasant savory taste".  These are the reasons we humans love to add seaweed to our diet- but what about our dogs? 

      Turns out seaweed is a great addition to our dog's diet.  Those same powerful nutrients that benefit humans help improve our dog's coat and skin.  Nori, the unseasoned sushi wraps can make great training treats for your dog.  That umami taste sensation is similar to a rich, meaty bone.

      If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, washed ashore seaweed is NOT a safe dog treat.  In general, my Puerto Rican street dog Tuffy eats a lot of gross things on the beach- but she's never shown an interest in beach seaweed.  The dangers are possible pollutants, salt poisoning and expansion as the dried seaweed expands in the tummy.  

      If you're looking for a good seaweed rich supplement for your dog check out the Maine company Source.  Susan Domizi developed a nutritional product to help her horse's health.  One of the problems of modern society is our soils may be depleted and not have all the essential micronutrients that our dogs need.  Source for dogs contains "selected seaweeds plus the added benefits of yeast cultures, brewers yeast, garlic powder, vitamin E, zinc and natural beef flavor."

      Source also makes a human supplement which I use but that's another blog!

      Find out more on the Source website-

      Find out more about seaweeds in general by visiting the Maine Seaweed Council website-


      The Benefits of Seaweed for Your Dog

      The Benefits of Seaweed for Your Dog

      Seaweed is great for humans but also our four legged friends.  There are two ways for seaweed to benefit your dog.  One is food- the inside.  The other- skin, the outside.  In or out seaweed is very beneficial for your dog.

       Have you thought about adding seaweed to your dog’s diet? Seaweed is a great “green food” for your dog.  Green foods are sea vegetables and some grasses.  Sea veggies are a great green food for “Fido” because they are so easy to digest.  Rich in amino acids and minerals which helps balance energy levels, strengthens the immune system and helps keep skin and coat healthy.

      Scientific studies about the benefits of seaweeds are still in the early stages but seaweeds may help reduce cancer and tumors.  Their properties help fight heavy metal accumulations and contain high levels of tryptophan which helps battle cancer cells.

      There are many ways to get seaweed into your dog’s diet.  An easy way is to buy edible seaweed at a health food store.  Look for seaweed that is in flakes or powder.  It’s not a good idea for your dog to consume large pieces of seaweed. 

      Benefits of seaweed for your dog.

                                            Graphic is from All Natural Pet Care

      One of my favorite Maine Seaweed companies- Vitamin Sea makes a great pet antioxidant blend.  It’s a careful blend that  “mixes the natural nutrient benefits of seaweed with the antioxidant power of Maine blueberries and cranberries. The antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, which are unstable molecules linked to the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other related conditions. Pets with chronic infections will also benefit from the natural antioxidant power. Seaweed provides many crucial nutrients every animal needs to live a long happy life."

      What we put on our outside is as important as what we put on our inside and seaweed can be very beneficial to a dog with hot spots or red itchy patches.  Dulse & Rugosa’s Seaweed Shampoo for dogs is great for all dogs but can work wonders for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin.

      Our soap starts with a base of Maine seaweed, hand harvested from the cool mineral rich waters near Acadia National Park.  We have also incorporated Neem Oil for its amazing insect fighting properties.  Neem oil can help fight fleas, ticks, parasites and mites naturally.  Our natural yet effective dog shampoo can help you replace harsh chemicals that leave skin itchy and raw.  Lightly scented with pet friendly essential oils which will leave your pooch looking and smelling great!

      And our bar is plastic free.  We know how much you love to walk and run in nature with your dog and using a plastic free shampoo helps make the world a better place for all of Earth's creatures.

      Seaweed can help sooth and calm your dog's irritated skin.

      Seaweed is good for you and your four legged friends.

      Visit All Natural Pet Care and check out their array of natural and safe products.

      Find out more about Vitamin Sea’s amazing Pet Supplements here