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      News — Tools for beginning menders

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      Sweater Mends: Learn the Buttonhole Stitch

      Sweater Mends: Learn the Buttonhole Stitch
      We all have sweaters with holes in them.  Instead of throwing them up turn them into wearable art using the simple buttonhole stitch to mend and strengthen any holes or tears.  We take you step by step through the buttonhole stitch as well as how to use it for mending. Happy mending!!!!

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      Beginning Mending- Tools to Get Started

      Beginning Mending- Tools to Get Started

      There are so many reasons to get into mending but the best part is turning clothes that fit and flatter into pieces you will treasure and love.  Once you add a bit of your personality and love to a garment it will become much loved and worn often.  

      Let's get started with tools.

      I often put off a project or activity I know I’d enjoy because I lack the tools.  We've put together a list of tools for beginning menders that's designed to help you over this hurdle.

      The first and most important tool you need is a positive can-do attitude.  When you are a beginner in anything it can be very intimating to see examples of projects completed by experts.  Social media has amplified this.  You are mending clothes that you love and clothes that fit and flatter.  You are adding a bit of your personality to a garment.  You are adding a layer of story and memory.  Embrace any imperfections.  Don't worry about crooked cutting or uneven stitches- it's all part of the beauty.

      Our first mends are going to be denim.  We all have a pair of jeans that could use a patch and hopefully a pair of jeans that can be turned into patches.  If you don’t have jeans for patch making- look around for a piece of sturdy cotton.  Gather the jeans together along with a sharp hand sewing needle, some embroidery thread, scissors, a ruler or tape measure.  Another tool I would add to the beginning mending kit is a sweater comb.  This is such an easy and fun way to refresh sweaters.  I keep my tools in a sweet bag so whenever I want to mend I only have to find the bag not all the tools.


      Of course, once you get started with mending you’re going to love it and there are tools for every job.  But- you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started, in face, one principal behind mending is to make do and be creative. 

      Beginning to Mend Tool List-

      • fabric for a patch
      • sharp hand sewing needle
      • a few pins
      • scissors
      • embroidery thread
      • marker or pencil 
      Now you are ready for the running stitch.