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      News — Natural skincare

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      No No November

      No No November
      During No No November do what nourishes you. For each person that will be different. For me- it's yoga and walking my dog.  I also need to "slow down my yes".  I say "yes" to things that should make me feel good but end up making me feel stressed because there are only so many hours in a day. 

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      Self Care in the Age of Anxiety

      Self Care in the Age of Anxiety

      "We all have a Super Hero inside us" but sometimes that hero needs a bit of self care.

      What exactly is self care?  It's taking care of yourself.  I find when I'm juggling home, family, job and now the fate of our country that "me" is the daily loser.  When I get busy my yoga class and my daily recharge by the ocean dog walk are the first things to go.  Next is eating good and good for me food.

      I also have a low but constant level of anxiety that's hard to shake.  Sh*t just keeps happening and it's hard to unplug.  So much has happened in the past months that I forget about events, comments and laws that outraged me.  Some new crisis overtakes the news, freaks me out and makes it hard for me to balance myself.

      Here are some easy tips to help you take care of yourself so you can care for others and our country.

      Sleep- routines can help, unplug electronics, try a few yoga stretches, brew a pot of herbal tea, read a bit of a book.  One routine I love at night is massaging our Bring on the Z balm to the bottom of my feet once I'm in bed for good.  It helps the essential oils get into your bloodstream and everyone's feet need a bit of love.

      Unplug from the news- it's hard I know but try your best.  Find a series on Netflix for some bing watching to help get some news relief.

      Cook and tidy the house- making good healthy food and clearing away the clutter can help calm your mind and use up some of that nervous energy.

      Get outside- this is so important, we need sunshine and nature to stay grounded.

      Exercise- getting your body moving helps clear out the mental cobwebs.

      Talk to folks and smile and strangers.  We all need to feel connected.

      We put together a "Self Care in the Age of Anxiety" kit filled with good for you products to help you de-stress and recharge.  We have a special price for purchasing two, one for you and one for a fellow sister.

        The kit contains-

      "Girl Hold My Earrings" sticker

      Sample Pack of Shower Shots- aromatherapy right in the shower and a scent for every mood.

      #resist creme- #racism, #resist sexism, #resist wrinkles.

      Be Kind Lip Treatment- because our words matter.

      Too Much Botanical Oils- a bit of calm in our hectic world.

      Hot and Healing Balm- after hitting the streets give your feet a treat.


      Body Oils for Summer Skin

      Body Oils for Summer Skin

      We are skincare chefs at Dulse & Rugosa.  We enjoy food- eating and cooking so making handcrafted skincare is a natural transition.  For nourishing and hydrating your skin we make both butters and oils.  What's the difference?

      Butters are whipped and similar to a lovely butter creme frosting on top of a luscious  cake.

      Body oils are blended and compare to a well crafted salad dressing.  Especially if your summers are hot and muggy or while traveling botanical oils are perfect. Why?  They don't melt.  You can leave them in the car, pop them in a suitcase and keep you summer skin hydrated, moisturized while looking and feeling great.

      Body oils are super easy to use.  As with most natural skincare products they work best on slightly damp skin.  Apply after your shower or bath and give about 5 minutes for the oil to be absorbed.  Our Hydrating Body Oil is a careful blend of oils designed to be quickly absorbed into your skin with the added benefits of botanicals indigenous to the coast of Maine.

      Our newest product our Face Serum is a fresh bouquet of flowers for your face. Designed for faces that need extra love by way of moisture it's very beneficial when used before bed.  If water is one of the first ingredients listed on your current face creme you'll be pleasantly surprised by how little of our Face Serum you need to feel wonderful.  

      Adding botanical oils to your skincare routine won't just benefit your skin but also your overall well being.  Our Hydrating Body Oil is a walk in Acadia National Park, with hand picked botanicals added to each bottle.   Rose petals, chamomile and Irish Moss are simply lovely.  Take a few extra moments to gently massage oils into your skin and enjoy a few moments of aromatherapy bliss.  Sometimes in our busy, stressful lives we forget how beneficial it can be to our overall mental well being to do a small but significant act for ourselves.  Make body oils a part of your summer skin care routine and enjoy some happy.


      Our Maine Island Home

      Our Maine Island Home

      Dulse & Rugosa is a mother and daughter business with our feet firmly planted on a small Maine island.   In fact, Carly was just about born on remote Gotts Island thirty years ago.  Back in those days- this is before cell phones and internet our only way of communicating was a CB radio with a link to the Camden Marine Operator.   Gotts is one of the super remote islands with no ferry, real cars (by that I mean inspected regularly) and no electricity except from the sun.  So, when it was near Carly's due date, we thought about the tides a lot!  In my experience, it is always low tide out on Gotts when you really need to get off.

      Maine island life has many challenges including the tide.

      We'd already decided on Carly's name- I knew she would be a girl.  She is named after our dear island neighbor, Carl.  When my contractions started we knew it was time to get off.  Wondering about the tide?  Low of course.  This meant we had to go around another island which was an extra 20 minutes.  We left at dawn and the sky was brilliant- one of the rare occasion I've seen the Aurora Borealis. The thought went through my mind to name her Aurora but she has always, even in my tummy been Carly.

      We had a few more adventures on the way to the midwife including our car overheating and needing to call for a tow.  We started at dawn but Carly wasn't born until six that evening.  I guess she wanted to wait until all the chaos had settled.  The next day, we headed back to the island.  Of course, it was low tide again and we had to land on an awkward beach.  A kind neighbor gave us a ride up the hill in his WWll jeep.

      Because Carly spent her early years roaming the fields, forest and shores of the island she has a deep love of place.  Dulse and Rugosa started with this love of place.

      Dulse & Rugosa is firmly rooted in Maine.

      Our mission reflects the experiences and joys of Maine island living.

      At Dulse & Rugosa our mission is to bring you nourishing and effective skincare made with botanicals harvested from our Maine island home.  From our farm, our island shores and the sea we gather hardy Maine plants with benefits to your skin, hair and scalp.  Our botanicals include four varieties of Maine seaweeds, hand harvested from our mineral rich waters.  Dulse & Rugosa, nourishing body and soul.