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      News — Natural relief for itchy scalp

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      Herbal Hair Vinegars- and a DIY Recipe

      Herbal Hair Vinegars- and a DIY Recipe

      An Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse is a great addition to your natural hair care routine.  Rinsing with ACV is super nice when you are making the transition to shampoo bars because it helps to keep your hair at the proper pH level.

      Herbal Vinegar

       There are lots of benefits of rinsing with ACV including-

        • less tangles, less frizz because an ACV helps smooth the cuticle.  Think of the cuticle as the outer layer of your hair, sort of like bark on a tree.
        • more shine because if your cuticle is smooth it lies flat which increases shine.
        • helps clarify and reduce build up.
        • adds bounce without weight.
        • ACV rinse is a tonic for your hair with nutrients that help stimulate hair growth.
        • full of natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which can help soothe an itchy, flakey scalp.
        • balances the pH of your hair especially with shampoo bars.

       If you've been using one type of hair product because you love how it works and then after a period of time notice a difference an ACV rinse can help clarify and remove product build up.  

      It's easy to make your own Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse.  In general, you can use any type of vinegar but apple cider vinegar is the popular choice.  A natural unprocessed vinegar will give you the "mother"- full of bacteria, nutrients and enzymes.  The next step is to dilute the vinegar with water.  How much depends on your hair type, in general 1/4 to 1/2 vinegar to water.  Add the appropriate amount of vinegar to a spray bottle and then fill with water.  You can boil your water first, add tap water or purchase distilled water.  

      To make your vinegar extra special add herbs.  There are many herbs which are beneficial to your hair.  Our favorites include rose petals, rosemary, chamomile and calendula petals.  Pour your vinegar into a glass jar add your herbs, fresh or dried.  Place in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks, shaking and admiring occasionally.  Strain to remove all the herb bits and pour back into your clean glass jar.  Remember to dilute before use.  

      It's fun and relatively easy to make your own ACV hair rinse and it's a great way to use garden herbs.  But for busy folks who want a high quality natural hair rinse filled with our own Maine island flowers try our handcrafted Herbal Vinegar.

      And remember always be a Goldilocks and experiment to find the right combination for your unique hair.

      Lather Up With Shampoo Bars

      Lather Up With Shampoo Bars

      Shampoo bars- good for you and the environment.

      Shampoo bars are a fabulous way to wash your hair and eliminate plastic bathroom clutter at the same time.  It's not just bathroom clutter we need to think about- it's also all the plastic we use, that keeps coming back to clog up our beautiful Earth.

      Both Carly and I have super curly, easy to frizz hair. In the past, we were hair product junkies. A large bottle of conditioner might last a week. I shampooed everyday due to my tendency to look like a deranged cartoon character with severe bed head.

      I also suffered from itchy scalp. I’ve battled flakey head since high school. At one point, it got really bad. I hoped my hairdresser wouldn’t notice-fat chance. He thought it was very “unusual”. I dreaded my next appointment. He suggested seeing a doctor. I knew exactly what the doctor would prescribe- a highly medicated/toxic/unnatural shampoo. I was right. Now, I had weird scalp and horrible looking hair. By chance and desperation I picked up a shampoo with seaweed as an ingredient. Viola, my itchy scalp improved.

      This experience got us thinking, researching and finally experimenting. Shampoo bars are super luxurious soap concoctions. We blend together oils with properties to benefit hair and scalp. Castor oil is super conditioning and makes a rich lather. Coconut oil penetrates, protects and adds shine. Sweet Almond oil works as a sealant and locks in moisture.. Olive oil packs a power punch and is not just for salads. Olive oil moisturizes, conditions, helps fight dandruff and improves hair strength.

      Another very important ingredient in our shampoo bars is seaweed. Seaweeds are the powerhouses of our shampoo bars. Kelp in particular contains essential nutrients to help hair grow. Seaweeds are super gentle cleaners and naturally hydrate. Plus seaweeds help control flaky scalps and can help promote hair growth.

      Shampoo bars work differently than conventional shampoos and conditioners. Be aware that it might take a week or two for your hair to adjust. You need to detox from product build up. I was a bit reluctant to try our shampoo bars, even though Carly had been using them and frankly raving about the results. Her hair was looking gorgeous but mine is a bit curlier. I was afraid to give up all my conditioners. Instead of conditioning after shampooing I spritz with a 1/2 cider vinegar to 1/2 water mix. This mildly acidic solution helps balance the Ph as shampoo bars tend to be more alkaline and helps make the hair follicle shine and lay flatter.

      Seaweeds can help an itchy scalp.

      I’ve been using shampoo bars for a few years now. I am super happy with my hair. A long time ago, I made peace with my curls. I decided I would stop trying to have straight hair. Now, I don’t even use conditioners. Plus, I’ve saved tons of money and we've reduced our plastic consumption. Shampoo bars are the way to go.

      Seaweed Can Help An Itchy Scalp

      Seaweed Can Help An Itchy Scalp

      My seaweed journey began because I was searching for a natural solution to my chronically itchy scalp.  I'd tried everything- doctors, medicated shampoos and grocery store shampoos.  Nothing really worked and often I was left with bad looking hair.  For over 2 years I have used our Seaweed Shampoo Bars and my scalp and hair have relaxed into happy.

      If you struggle with an itchy scalp, try seaweed.

      There are many factors that can cause an itchy scalp.  This is because we are all individuals.  

      Some causes for itchy scalp are-

      • dandruff
      • allergy or sensitivity to the ingredients in your haircare products
      • stress
      • hormones
      • reactions to hair dyes

      In general, natural products are better.  In our modern world, we can't avoid chemicals but take time to read labels.  Strong chemicals can lead to dryness and this increases scalp irritation.  Make sure you go beyond your shampoo and check out all your haircare products.  

      For me, stress often played a factor and I would be caught in a vicious circle of trying all kinds of products, having bad hair days and then trying a new product or visiting a doctor.  I was willing to try anything and that's how I discovered seaweed.

      Seaweeds have many benefits for our hair including-

      • naturally detoxes and I like to think restocks with essential trace minerals and vitamins
      • natural antiseptic properties
      • contains iodine which heals dry skin and eczema
      •  adds natural moisture which can increase luster and shine
      Seaweeds can help sooth and calm itchy scalps.

        I still sometimes get an itchy scalp.  Usually when I'm super busy or going thru a stressful time.   This is a reminder to slow down, hydrate and take some deep breaths. One of the biggest benefits of using seaweed for me is how much happier I am with my hair.  I've come to accept and love my unruly, curly hair and that is a good thing.

        Of course, Maine seaweeds are the best.  Carly hand harvests our seaweeds from the cool, mineral rich waters surrounding Gotts Island near Acadia National Park.