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    How (and why) Not To Do Everything

    How (and why) Not To Do Everything

    I read a recent social media post from the Zero Waste Chef about the joy of making fresh pasta.  It's easy and fun to make, creates less waste and obviously taste so much better than pasta in a cardboard box.  Her popular post encouraged everyone to think like Julia Child.  All you need is "basic skills, a bit of confidence and a "what-the-hell attitude in the kitchen."  She also mentioned GOOGLE as a resource for finding recipes and information.  We dwell in the Age of Information perhaps at times the Age of Too Much Information.  It can be easy to think we can do it all.

    In the comments some folks posted about time.  I'd love to make fresh pasta but with a small business, a house that needs to get ready for winter and the need to occasionally get to yoga class I feel stressed for time.  A phenomena a lot of us struggle with is WE CAN DO IT.  Yes, we can do it but we can't do it all.  We can't do it all at one time, we can't do it all alone and we can't do everything.  Pick your battles.  Do what nourishes you.  When it comes to going zero waste and plastic free pick an easy life style and habit change to get you going on your journey.

    An easy way to get started is to check out Zero Waste Chef Ann Marie's blogs especially her Start Here section.  One of my favorite blogs is But When You Do Shop, Shop Small.  I've ranted a few times about the lack of customer service from the "Big Boys".  Twice recently, I've said to large companies "If I treated my customers the way you've treated me I'd be out of business."  And gotten a shrug and sorry as the reply.  Ann Marie points out, "Small businesses will more likely do whatever it takes to retain their customers. The big guys, not so much."  I totally agree.

    Do what nourishes you and make your actions nourish others.  Spend your hard earned dollars at small, local and indie businesses.  It's good for you, your community and our planet. 


    Self Care in the Age of Anxiety

    Self Care in the Age of Anxiety

    "We all have a Super Hero inside us" but sometimes that hero needs a bit of self care.

    What exactly is self care?  It's taking care of yourself.  I find when I'm juggling home, family, job and now the fate of our country that "me" is the daily loser.  When I get busy my yoga class and my daily recharge by the ocean dog walk are the first things to go.  Next is eating good and good for me food.

    I also have a low but constant level of anxiety that's hard to shake.  Sh*t just keeps happening and it's hard to unplug.  So much has happened in the past months that I forget about events, comments and laws that outraged me.  Some new crisis overtakes the news, freaks me out and makes it hard for me to balance myself.

    Here are some easy tips to help you take care of yourself so you can care for others and our country.

    Sleep- routines can help, unplug electronics, try a few yoga stretches, brew a pot of herbal tea, read a bit of a book.  One routine I love at night is massaging our Bring on the Z balm to the bottom of my feet once I'm in bed for good.  It helps the essential oils get into your bloodstream and everyone's feet need a bit of love.

    Unplug from the news- it's hard I know but try your best.  Find a series on Netflix for some bing watching to help get some news relief.

    Cook and tidy the house- making good healthy food and clearing away the clutter can help calm your mind and use up some of that nervous energy.

    Get outside- this is so important, we need sunshine and nature to stay grounded.

    Exercise- getting your body moving helps clear out the mental cobwebs.

    Talk to folks and smile and strangers.  We all need to feel connected.

    We put together a "Self Care in the Age of Anxiety" kit filled with good for you products to help you de-stress and recharge.  We have a special price for purchasing two, one for you and one for a fellow sister.

      The kit contains-

    "Girl Hold My Earrings" sticker

    Sample Pack of Shower Shots- aromatherapy right in the shower and a scent for every mood.

    #resist creme- #racism, #resist sexism, #resist wrinkles.

    Be Kind Lip Treatment- because our words matter.

    Too Much Botanical Oils- a bit of calm in our hectic world.

    Hot and Healing Balm- after hitting the streets give your feet a treat.


    Trash Free Trick or Treating

    Trash Free Trick or Treating

    Halloween is coming.  I actually love this holiday especially when I was teaching.  It's an opportunity to celebrate the season, indulge in goodies and a chance to dress up and pretend. 

    The problem with all holidays is our enjoyment creates mountains of trash- bags of candy, plastic decorations and tiny toys make a lot of trash.

    Here are some ideas to help you put the green into trick or treat bags.  

    green halloween

    Plastic free candy is a challenge, look for candy wrapped in foil or paper or cardboard boxes.  They will be bulk packed in plastic but it is better than handing out plastic wrapped candy.

    It's easier to skip the candy and pass out other sorts of treats.  My favorite idea is a bowl of nature items including shells, sea glass, acorns and stones.  If you live in the city this would be a real novelty for some kids.

    green halloween

    Paper straws are a great treat to help raise awareness about the problems of plastic.  Amazon sells boxes of 150-300 and depending on your street a single box could last a few years.  

    Sidewalk chalk, tiny cookie cutters, pencils, erasers, bandages, magnets, coloring books or printed coloring sheets, remelted crayons all are lower waste treats and last quite a bit longer than candy.

    green halloween


    You can also buy an activity card set and hand out one card per child.  Your local bookstore or toy shop will have a selection.  Expect to pay around $10-12 for a deck of 50 cards.

    The website Teachers Pay Teachers has some different printables including Halloween Yoga cards and Halloween PE.   Download to make cute books, printable bookmarks are another option.  The downloads cost between $3-5 making these a fun and cheap treat.

    The materials to make a craft are also nice treats.  Friendship bracelets made from embroidery thread are a calming way to end the Halloween frenzy.  You can make a kit for each trick or treater and include directions.  Here is a link-DIY Printable Friendship Bracelet .

    I hope this blogs helps you think about ways to celebrate without making lots of extra trash.  Handing out an eco item can help raise awareness about our planet.  Let's all work to make Halloween more green.

    green halloween



    WOOF for Seaweed

    WOOF for Seaweed

    Seaweeds many nutritional benefits include being rich in iron, magnesium, iodine, and the omega-3 fatty acids.  Plus there's that great "umami" flavor.  Umami is Japanese for "pleasant savory taste".  These are the reasons we humans love to add seaweed to our diet- but what about our dogs? 

    Turns out seaweed is a great addition to our dog's diet.  Those same powerful nutrients that benefit humans help improve our dog's coat and skin.  Nori, the unseasoned sushi wraps can make great training treats for your dog.  That umami taste sensation is similar to a rich, meaty bone.

    If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, washed ashore seaweed is NOT a safe dog treat.  In general, my Puerto Rican street dog Tuffy eats a lot of gross things on the beach- but she's never shown an interest in beach seaweed.  The dangers are possible pollutants, salt poisoning and expansion as the dried seaweed expands in the tummy.  

    If you're looking for a good seaweed rich supplement for your dog check out the Maine company Source.  Susan Domizi developed a nutritional product to help her horse's health.  One of the problems of modern society is our soils may be depleted and not have all the essential micronutrients that our dogs need.  Source for dogs contains "selected seaweeds plus the added benefits of yeast cultures, brewers yeast, garlic powder, vitamin E, zinc and natural beef flavor."

    Source also makes a human supplement which I use but that's another blog!

    Find out more on the Source website- https://www.4source.com/product/source-plus-for-dogs/

    Find out more about seaweeds in general by visiting the Maine Seaweed Council website- http://www.seaweedcouncil.org/


    Zero Waste Grocery Adventure

    Zero Waste Grocery Adventure

    I'm committed to purchasing as zero waste and plastic free as possible knowing full well I will fail.  Failure is part of the journey and you have to accept the times when you mess up and try and figure out ways to do better.

    I was shopping recently at my local grocery store.  Normally I shop at a variety of stores especially when purchasing certain products including yogurt.  The thing was I just didn't have time.  I missed my yoga class because of appointments so I knew I just had to buy everything at the big grocery store.

    Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

    I did pretty well.  I brought a container for my chicken.  Was able to stand on tiptoes to reach the mayo packaged in a glass bottle.  Bought a bunch of fresh veggies that I simply put in my basket.

    Zero Waste Yogurt

    I realized as I was walking towards the yogurt that this would be my "fail".  The menu was spicy Indian and I needed plain yogurt.  I also knew that while there were some choices of glass for snack yogurt, plain yogurt is packed in plastic containers.  I know I could reuse the containers for food storage but normally I buy local, farm fresh yogurt in glass bottles.

    Voila!  My local Hannaford's was carrying Maine Milk House Yogurt in mason jars.  This is a big deal.  First, as a sustainable shopper I love to see choices in the mainstream shops.  It raises awareness for all and makes it easy for Zero Wasters rushed for time.  It's also really important to encourage and financially support small businesses who make the decision to pack their products as eco friendly as possible.  When a company makes this decision they generally lose money.  It's our experience that eco packaging cost at least double conventional, plastic packaging.

    The truth is our cheap plastic packaging is subsidized- it's subsidized by our planet.   

    Shop sustainable.