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      Seaweed Shampoo Bars- good for your hair and the environment

      Shampoo bars are a fabulous way to wash your hair and eliminate plastic bathroom clutter at the same time. Our shampoo bars are a natural way to clean and condition your hair.

      Both Carly and I have super curly, easy to frizz hair. In the past, we were hair product junkies. A large bottle of conditioner might last a week. I shampooed everyday due to my tendency to look like a deranged cartoon character with severe bed head.

      I also suffered from itchy scalp. I’ve battled flakey head since high school. At one point, it got really bad. I hoped my hairdresser wouldn’t notice- fat chance. He thought it was “unusual”. I dreaded my next appointment. He suggested seeing a doctor. I knew exactly what the doctor would prescribe- a highly medicated/toxic/unnatural shampoo. I was right. The chemical laden shampoo didn't help my scalp and gave me super horrible looking hair. By chance and desperation I began experimenting with different natural ingredients. Adding seaweed to my hair care routine brought me natural and lasting relief.

      The most important ingredient in our shampoo bars is seaweed. Seaweeds are the powerhouses of our shampoo bars. Kelp in particular contains essential nutrients to help hair grow. Seaweeds are super gentle cleaners and naturally hydrate. Plus seaweeds help control flaky scalps and can help promote hair growth.

      Our shampoo bars are super luxurious soap concoctions. We blend together oils with properties to benefit hair and scalp. Castor oil for super conditioning and rich lather. Coconut oil penetrates, protects and adds shine. Sweet almond oil works as a sealant and locks in moisture.  Olive oil moisturizes, conditions, helps fight dandruff and improves hair strength.  We never, ever use palm oil because the industry is not currently sustainable.

      Shampoo bars work differently than conventional shampoos and conditioners. Be aware that it might take a week or two for your hair to adjust. You need to detox from product build up. I was a bit reluctant to try our shampoo bars, even though Carly had been using them and frankly raving about the results. Her hair was looking gorgeous but mine is a bit curlier. I was afraid to give up all my conditioners. Instead of conditioning after shampooing I spritz with a half and half cider vinegar and water mix. This mildly acidic solution helps balance the Ph as shampoo bars tend to be more alkaline and helps make the hair follicle shine and lay flatter.

      Are you ready to give our Seaweed Shampoo bars a try?

      Seaweed Brownies, Moist, Delicious and Nutritious

        When we think of eating seaweed we think sushi or salad.  But adding seaweed to baked goods like pizza crust, breads, muffins and brownies adds nutrition and a rich "umami" flavor.  Plus the seaweed helps keep your baked goods moist.

        Seaweed adds depth to chocolate recipes. 



        Our dulse rich  brownies are also known as “Pirate Brownie” because the dulse is soaked in dark rum adding a unique flavor to the mix. In my opinion, when you combine dulse and chocolate you get a “moorish” mix that stays moist and has a nice yet subtle oceanic/salty kick.



        Replace vanilla with dulse and dark rum- Yum!



        1 T Dulse soaked in 2 T dark rum

        1 stick butter

        ½ cup cocoa

        1 cup sugar

        2-4 eggs, if you have chickens use 4

        1 cup flour

        ½ t baking powder

        ½ cup nuts or other goodies including chopped dry cherries, chocolate chips, dark chocolate bar chopped into small pieces, etc.

        Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs then flour and baking soda. Stir in nuts. Spoon into greased pans. Bake 350 until the brownies look almost done. You actually want to take your brownies out of the oven before they are all cooked. Let them sit in the pan for awhile and they will finish cooking.

        It’s so fun to have everyone try and guess the secret ingredient. “You put seaweed in brownies?”

        Inspiration for this brownie recipe came from Prannie Rhatigan’s Irish Seaweed Kitchen cookbook. She has great recipes and information on the benefits of adding seaweed to your diet. I ordered the book direct from her website as the book was discounted and even paying for postage it worked out to be cheaper than Amazon. Plus, I got to get a package from Ireland!

        Seaweeds from Maine are the best.  Our cold mineral rich water makes for a nutrient rich and natural seaweed.  

        America's best- Maine seaweed.

        "For most American consumers, there hasn't been an awareness that their seaweed salad is full of blue dye No. 1 and yellow dye No. 5 and that it may come from waters of questionable pedigree," said Paul Dobbins of Maine's Ocean Approved.  For more about the future of Maine seaweeds 

        Maine Made for Mother's Day

        Maine Made for Mother's Day

        Opening a jar of Dulse & Rugosa skincare transports you to summer in Maine and makes the perfect gift for Mom.

        Claire's personal favorite is our Sweet Island Face Oil.  

        "I use it every night as my face cleanser.  What I love is how it's a mini facial and stress reliever.  It moisturizes my face while removing dirt and make up.  I don't get that dry, wrinkly feeling that many face cleanser leave.  It helps my older skin stay smooth and radiant."

        Carly loves our Island Facial Scrub.  

        "I still struggle with breakouts even though I haven't been a teenager for awhile.  I keep our Maine seaweed rich face scrub in the shower and use every other day.  It keeps my face calm and happy."

        Rose loves the Calendula Night Creme.  

        "This is a rich nourishing creme which keeps my face hydrated and moist."

        Dulse and Rugosa is celebrating Mother's Day with our "Queen Mum Giveaway".  It's full of lovely Dulse & Rugosa skincare and a handcrafted Royal Blue Sea Glass Tiara.  Join our mailing list to enter.  

        Click here to enter 

        "Queen Mum Giveaway"

        Win a sea glass tiara and a box full of Dulse & Rugosa skincare.

        Mother's Day is coming and you or someone you love deserves to be Queen for a Day.   It's easy- just sign up for our mailing list here  Queen Mum Giveaway

        We are covering one lucky winner head to toe in Dulse & Rugosa loveliness.  Our handcrafted royal blue sea glass tiara is perfect for any occasion- including breakfast in bed.  

        You'll also win your choice of face creme.  Our rose petal creme is light and nourishing, handcrafted with island rose petals and hand harvested dulse seaweed.  If you want a richer, deeply moisturizing creme our Calendula Night Creme is for you.  Packed full of sunny Calendula blossoms infused in rich oils this creme is perfect for more mature skin.

        We are including a sample pack of our Island Face Scrub.  Our scrub is blended to keep skin happy and help prevent breakouts.  Keep your face looking smooth and lovely with a  weekly face scrub.  Blended for all skin types it gently removes dry skin buildup.  Another benefit of our Maine seaweed rich scrub is helping you detox after a stressful day.  So many benefits in a one small package.

        Sleep is very important to looking and feeling your best.  "Bring on the ZZZ's" balm is a safe and gentle way to help you relax.  It's not just for bedtime- I keep a tin in my car for stressful city driving.

        Finally, your toes.  The "Queen MumGiveaway" includes an assortment of shower shots.  Uplifting scents- especially Morning Mint will get you going.  When you need to relax Lavender and "For-rest" will end a busy day.  Each shower shot is a mini spa  and a great way to treat yourself to a little peace and serenity. 


        It's easy to enter, simply join our mailing list.  Our giveaway end on April 25th- leaving plenty of time for our box of goodies to be shipped to someone special, including yourself.


        Claire & Carly 

        Mud Season in Maine- Time for our Seaweed Rich Dog Shampoo

        Mud Season in Maine- Time for our Seaweed Rich Dog Shampoo

        Early spring is so lovely in Maine.  At night you can hear the peepers.  During the day, long muddy walks with your favorite pooch.

        Our dog shampoo is designed to be pet and owner friendly.

        Honestly, both our rescue dogs don't care for baths.  Tuffy, I can understand, she's not sure about water. But Saff?  That dog loves water.   She's famous for her "duck dive". That's when Saff sticks her entire head under the water.  Since Saff does the "duck dive" at the beach in sea water she should love our shampoo which is rich in Maine seaweed.  Our nourishing seaweed dog shampoo is great for itchy, irritated, dry patches.  

        Our dog shampoo is designed to be pet and owner friendly.

        We designed our dog shampoo bar so that you can easily wash your dog with one hand and with just one bar!!!  Use the Dog Shampoo Bar just as you would a bar of soap.  Run the bar once down your dog's back and then rub.  Dulse & Rugosa’s Dog Shampoo Bar makes lots of moisturizing lather that is packed full of nourishing oils to leave your dog's fur feeling and looking great.  We have also incorporated Neem Oil into our bar for its amazing insect fighting properties which will leave your pooch looking and smelling great!


         Our Dog Shampoo is lightly scented with pet friendly essential oils. 


        Rose hip and Oarweed Tea, Saponified Oils of Coconut, Rosehip infused Olive, Calendula infused Sweet Almond, Rosehip infused Castor, Neem, and Rosehip Oil, Essential Oils of Cypress, Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavender,and Tea Tree.