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      The Sweet Life in Maine

      The Sweet Life in Maine

      It's sugar season In Maine.  I love driving and spotting buckets hanging from trees.  An added bonus is it's a sure sign of spring.

      Collecting sap in Maine

      Maple syrup is quite versatile.  I love it baked with winter squash and curry powder.  But by far my favorite way to eat maple syrup is with pancakes.  Pancakes are our favorite breakfast out on Gotts Island.  Saff, the wonder dog always get the first one- the gridle is usually not hot enough.  The last couple of batches are saved for snacking.  Cold pancakes taste great with peanut butter or jam. 

      There are so many great pancake recipes.  I like to use a mix of grains, buckwheat, cornmeal, whole wheat, oats.  If you use 2 cups of flour, try 1 cup white flour and 1 cup a mix of grains.  I love cornmeal and island blueberries.  Grated apples and buckwheat.  Another great trick is to separate your eggs and beat the whites gently.  You are not looking for a stiff meringue.  Fold the whites in right before adding any fruit.  This makes a super fluffy pancakes.  Yum- can't wait for coffee and pancakes.

      What's your favorite way to use maple syrup?

      Tumbledown, a "Wicked Good" Maine Movie

      What I love about a great book or movie is how you are transported to another time or place.  It's even more fun when you have connections and can laugh at the inside jokes.  I had the pleasure of watching Tumbledown at the Strand Theatre in downtown Rockland last night.  The pleasure was intensified as the Strand makes the best popcorn.

      It was the last cinema showing for the husband and wife team, Desi Van Til and Sean Mewshaw.  Desi's screenplay was inspired by her love of Maine, particularly the town of Farmington, where she grew up.  Many of the characters were loosely based on folks who played important roles in a small town where everyone is connected.

      Another reason to love this movie if you are a "Maniac" is it was filmed during mud season.  Many Maine movies capture the rugged beauty of the coast but this one is all snow, mud and ice.  The beauty of this time of year can be elusive and it was a gentle reminder to appreciate all your days. 

      Even if you have no connections to Maine beyond random hankerings for lobster rolls and blueberry pancakes, you will still love this cute, funny movie.  It's the story of Hannah, a grieving widow struggling to move on after the death of her almost famous singer/song writing husband.   Enter the trendy, hip New Yorker wanting to write the definitive cultural book. Sparks of all sorts fly.

      It's available on online so pop some popcorn and snuggle up with your dog (The dogs are really cute in the movie). 

      Here's the official link