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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews

      My hair feels so clean, and I love that the shampoo bars are eco-friendly!

      Best Shampoo Bar!

      I’ve been using the sweet Melissa bar for over 5 years now and love it! I rinse with apple cider vinegar after. Since using this bar, I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my hair and people are always surprised to learn I use a shampoo bar. Also, I no longer get dandruff, I’ve had new hair growth around my hairline and my hair sheds far less than ever before — and all from a natural product that is sustainably sources by a family women owned business, what’s not to love here!!!!

      the only natural shampoo that has worked for me

      I am sooo stoked tonhave found this company and this shampoo bar! I have spent the better part od a year trying to find a natural hair care routine that is plastic and chemical free. Everything else makes my hair super oily but this matched my hair perfectly. I bought this at the recommendation of @plasticfreemermaid, and I truly feel like I have found the unicorn of shampoo bars. Please don't ever stop making this product!

      Great product!

      I love your shampoo bar!!

      In addition to being long-lasting, plant-based and very gentle on my hair, I LOVE that I am not buying another plastic bottle!

      You go, girls!

      Sweet Melissa and Lovely Rita are Fabulous!

      For years my sister had super greasy hair and had to wash her hair constantly. She started using Sweet Melissa and was amazed that her hair felt so great and was not greasy the next day. She loves it!

      My other sister and i have really dry hair (lots and lots of conditioner.) We use Lovely Rita, I haven't used conditioner in years and my hair looks and feels great! My sister perms her hair so still a uses little conditioner, but now she can use a conditioner bar instead of globs of stuff from a bottle.

      My hair is shiny, manageable...and... no more itchy scalp. Yay!

      Both shampoo bars smell great, are so easy to use and last a long time.

      Try it - you'll love it!