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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Great Product for Hair and Scalp

      My whole family is using this now. It leaves your hair clean and soft, but what really stands out is how good your scalp feels afterwards.

      William Haddon
      The Best!

      I discovered this shampoo bar several years ago, while visiting the Dulce & Rugosa stand at the Camden Windjammer Festival. I was attracted to the fact that there was no oil industry products used in either the bar or its packaging, and that it was made by a small, local to Maine company. I have to admit I was skeptical about the benefits of its seaweed content. I was completely wrong about that! Within days, a persistent red rash on my face and scalp (which had resisted very medicated shampoo on the pharmacy shelves) disappeared. Because I have a scientific background, I stopped using the shampoo bar after six weeks, and resumed using medicated shampoos. The rash returned. Now, I use nothing else but the D&R product. An outstanding product from a great little company.

      Please note: I have no connected whatever with Dulce & Rugosa, or with the people who run it. This review is genuine and unsolicited.