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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Best dog soap I tried

      I have a little Maltese and he’s been having skin issues during spring and fall. Always scratching his skin until he bleeds. I had a feeling it may be due to the fragrance from his dog shampoo or groomers shampoo. We were visiting in Maine and saw this shampoo and gave it a try. I’m super happy with it. His fur is so fluffy and soft after a wash with this and he smells natural without any heavy fragrance. He is scratching much less and no skin rashes.
      The best part is how easily this lathers! I rub him with the soap all over and he gets a full lather. While the liquid shampoo I used before never really lathers him very well.
      Please keep making this!

      Jackie Kelly
      Best Dog Soap!

      I got this when we go camping with our dogs. It’s nice to use and requires little water. We even take it on hiking trips and wash the dogs in a stream before heading back to the car. No more muddy paws! It has a nice fragrance!