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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews

      Smells wonderful! Great on skin!

      Morgan L.
      Smells of home

      I'm from Nova Scotia, and this stuff smells like home. I live in a really dry environment now, and this lovely oil blend has saved my skin. Great on cuticles, because my hands get very chapped from work. Excellent stuff.

      Calming scent

      I don’t know how many naturally scented oils that I have tried but I will never go back after trying Maine in a Bottle!
      You have perfectly captured the wondrous heady smell of a Maine morning by the sea with the forest in the background. It is a grounding scent that stays such for hours after application.The oil combination is soothing and moisturizes the driest skin of winter. I use it all over and add a touch of it to the ends of my hair to keep in better behaved!

      Great, hydrating oil

      Love this oil. Very hydrating, smells great! Makes me wish I was in Vacationland!

      Cecily Wathen
      Smells Exactly like Maine!!

      I am here on my honeymoon and we saw your adorable shed. We stopped in and I just HAD to have this oil because it really did smell exactly like my favorite smells of Maine. We live in Indiana, so to have this oil is very sentimental to me. We have fallen in love with Maine and whenever I need to remember the scent, I will use this and remember my amazing honeymoon in Maine! The oils are amazingly hydrating and make my skin feel very soft. I use it on my face and hands. I LOVE this oil and will order more when I run out. Or, if I get to come back, I will stop by again🤗