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      $ 3.00

      Need a sweet treat or a mid morning pick me up?  These herbal lollipops really hit the spot.  Each lollipop is a combination of unique herbs and fruits for a truly one of a kind taste experience.  The best part...

      Sold Out $ 15.00

      Is it time to trade in your old and dirty potholders???  I know that my food tastes better when I use beautiful tools and these potholders are so beautiful, fun and cute.  We had these available in our storefront earlier...

      Sold Out
      From $ 7.00

      This is the first zero plastic dish brush I ever used.  I love the long handle which makes cleaning mason jars and coffee cups a breeze.  This brush is biodegradable made from beechwood and sisal (agave) fiber bristles.  The head...