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      Plastic Free July

      By 2050 scientists have estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.  Roughly 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year.  These are insane numbers and a bleak outlook for our world's future.  It is past time that we all pull together and find ways to break up with plastic both big and small.  We know that large corporations will not change their habits (plastic packaging is cheap) unless we, the consumers, change our ways and habits.  Using less plastic is hard.  The journey is not a straight road, we know, but it is one we can walk together.  We have curated a collection of our favorite finds and swaps for using less plastic.  These are the swaps that we found the easiest and we want to pass them on to you.  It is always best to not buy, use what you have, but when it comes time for a new sponge, or your old shampoo has run out, check out our suggestions and see what would fit your lifestyle.
      $ 24.00

      I cook a lot and when you use a utensil that is both beautiful and practical I swear your food tastes sooo much better.  These measuring spoons are a favorite of mine.  They are handmade from reclaimed laurel wood and...

      $ 4.00

      We all know that plastic straws are a big problem for the environment.  This is the perfect sustainable solution that is easy to throw in your purse or keep in the car for when the need for a slurp-able drink...